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Zorbing is an incredible adrenaline ride fuelled by speed and smiles! Much like any date night, you strap in and hope for the best as you and a colleague career head first down a slope to ensure the maximum amount of thrill! It's great fun and truly something to be ticked off the bucket list! Our aim is to make sure you experience is nothing short of memorable - you'll be given a health and safety brief before getting ready to replace panic with sheer thrill. Zorbing is a fantastic opportunity to surprise those thrill-seekers out there... get yourself booked, NOW!!!

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Zorbing FAQ's

What is a Zorb?

 Zorbing is great fun and there's many different types, the Zorbs we use are called 'Harness Zorbs' - This means you get strapped in, 2 people at a time and you can take a look at each others faces as you career down the slope! It's incredible fun!

Do you get strapped in?

Yes! You and whoever it is you're going in with... high 5'ing each other is near enough impossible!

How old do I need to be?

Tough question, we get asked this alot. We say 13 years old but really we need to be confident that you are going to be safely strapped in with no risk to yourselves that you're too small for the experience.

What does it feel like?

The feeling of Zorbing is a crazy mix and it's different dependent on which way you go down (facing forwards or backwards). You will be dizzy. Imagine that sensation when you were on the swings as a kid and it took your stomach... THAT!

Can I take photos on the day?

Absolutely - we encourrage it! We'll help and possibly take a few ourselves!