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Ziplining, Swansea, Rhyll, North Wales

100mph SPEEDS!! Get your Ziplining Adventure!

Zipline: Outdoor Adventures for thrill seekers

The fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe. This adventure takes you on the biggest confidence ride before you journey up the quarry to the ultimate zipling adventure! With stunning views, the top boasts an adrenaline charged view of your descent! You will then descend down over the quarry lake often reaching speeds well in excess of 100mph. Although we aim to allow riders to reach whatever speeds gravity, air resistance and climatic conditions will allow we are, in the interests of safety, obliged to limit arrival (landing) speeds. To this end, certain weather conditions necessitate the use of equipment designed to moderate the speed of some riders and although this will also limit their ultimate speed the objective is to moderate landing speeds only. In very strong “following” winds (i.e. in line with the zip lines) this may involve the deployment of mini parachutes but more usually devices we call “sliders” which consists of small triangular strips of fabric. All equipment is fitted and activated by Zip World staff. Conversely, certain conditions (e.g. a strong head wind or very light riders) require us to add weight to riders. The adding of equipment to control or increase speed is done purely to ensure the safest and most enjoyable zip lining experience possible.

Where is this?

Although there are sites located around the country - the biggest sensation is located in Wales