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Bubble Football Stag Do

Zorb Football - Looking for the Ultimate Stag Weekend?

Zorb Football or Bubble Football makes the ideal stag do. Whether you're planning a stag weekends away within the UK or simply looking for brand new ideas in which to punish the stag... this is it! Zorb football is the latest sport that allows each and every member of the stag party to dish out their own very special type of justice. Line the stag up for a few 1-on-1 battles or get the group to pick their target and get this stag party started! Stag weekends needn't be spent searching for ideas. Allow the professionals to make sure your Zorb Football Stag weekend runs smoothly (until the bubble football kicks in that is!). The perfect choice for bringing your stag do into utter legendary status.

Zorb Football, regardless of what your stag weekend has lined up will make your stag do remarkable! Stag do ideas are rife. Zorb football (aka. Bubble Football) is the highlight to everyone stag group and very inclusive. Every member of your party can expect fun, craziness, big hits, huge smiles and a stag do that will make your stag weekend epic!!! Book bubble football today!

Your Stag weekend

Zorb football is a fantastic addition to what should be the very best in stag weekends away! We'll help you plan your ideal getaway, work with you to come up with ideas on how to make the most of your stag do and even share in the excitement in the run up to your stag party. From the very first call, we'll ensure that your best mate is cared for and that your Stag Do runs exactly as you wanted it. So - when you climb into these bubble footballs ready for a little action... get ready for it! Once you're finished making enemies, you will have worked up a thirst ready to get back on it!

Zorb Football 

Grab your best mate and treat him to a little punishment. Whether it be after a long night or you're just about to start... why not try these stag do ideas to get started:

Brand the Stag:

Line the Stag up either prior to or just after your bubble football event in front of the goal and selectively each player get's a shot on goal. We don't endorse this but hey, what happens on tour!

Upside-down Bubble Football Fun:

Once inside the bubble football... simply gang up and turn him upside down - feel free to help off with his shoes!

1-on-1 Zorb Football:

Ultimate face off... 2 people run at each other, only one remains!

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