Coasteering Weekend

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Coasteering Stag Weekend

Bournemouth | Newquay | Wales | Scotland

Coasteering Experience

Coasteering is an incredible activity and an experience for the real thrill seekers! Coasteering makes the ultimate stag weekend as your group enjoy a fantastically exciting adventure sport. As your stag weekend 'kicks-off' with a bang, coasteering only amplifies the fun as you take to the rocks and the water in one of the more exciting adventure packages. Exploring the coastline, coasteering offers adventure for the cool kids. Climbing, tumbling, jumping, diving and swimming to the sound of laughter, fun and adventure.

Coasteering - Not for the faint hearted.

Coasteering is definately for the adventurous and a big one on the 'smile-meter'. Regardless of weather, it's something that any adventurous group should jump for. A thrilling experience, Coasteering offers you the heights and the fun. Take that leap of faith into the sea and relish that adrenaline rush.

Coasteering - The set-up

Using the very best in the business, you will be trusted and instructed to the most highly trained guides and instructors. Safety is king and you'll be guided through the best practice for coasteering as well as hints, tips and advice. This is meant to be a fun experience and that it shall be!

An adrenaline fueled experience that can easily be tailored to suit the age and ability of your group.