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Bubble Football Southampton – Where football meets fun

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If you want the gameplay of football and fun of zorbing, Bubble Football Southampton is the right place for you. At Bubble Football Southampton, we put your fun above all else and ensure that you have the maximum enjoyment while playing the most fun version of football. If you are planning a stag weekend or a company miniseries, we can make that happen. With custom straps and the choice of bubble wraps, we can make sure that you are not disappointed with bubble football. You can watch the videos posted in our website as well as the pictures posted here to see how much fun the sport is. Zorb football is intense!

You may know Bubble Football as Zorb football as it is the cross between football and zorbing. The only difference between zorbing and bubble football, is that the bubble wraps only the upper part of the body and your legs are free to move and kick the ball. You also need your legs to balance. Even the goalie has his hands inside the orb and have to save the goal by kicking the ball away. Popularised by a YouTube video posted in 1011, this game has caught the attention of various people and are now played widely in various countries. The game is played by all ages and both genders, and is popular as a youth sport because of the great exercise and relative safety of gameplay.

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In association football, you might get hurt and the most popular injuries are ankle and knee injuries. If the fear of injuries have kept you away from football, you can always try out bubble football. The only people who are at risk during a bubble football game are the referees and by standers. You will be protected by the giant plastic orbs. Bubble football is also fun to play as it is hilarious to see a bunch of people bumping and falling to the ground. It may take you a few rounds to actually kick the ball and you will feel a feeling of enlightenment when you do. You will get a lot of physical exercise as the game is more physically challenging than association football.
At Bubble Football Southampton we take out all the boring part of association football and fill it will loads of fun. We provide discounts for large parties and can whip up a custom mini-series just for you. If you want to book a bubble football game, contact us today!

We are able to hire nationwide in the United Kingdom, including Bubble Football in Southampton, and can provide you with:

- 1 full hour of Bubble football

- Venue hire

- Facilitation of the event to include games and other activities

- NO hidden costs.

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