Bubble Football Hire - (Zorb Football Hire)

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Bubble Football Hire - (Zorb Football Hire)


Bubble Football Hire


Zorb Vs. Soccer - Welcome to Bubble Football Hire

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Get ready for the ultimate experience. We're the originators, the crazy, cool kids that organise the very best in adventures. If you're wanting Bubble Football then look no further. We organise Zorb football Nationwide throughout the UK

Newcastle  |  Leeds  |  Liverpool  |  Manchester  |  Newquay  |  Edinburgh  |  Cardiff  |  Essex  |  London

Nottingham  |  Brighton  |  Bristol  |  Birmingham  |  BournemouthSheffield  |  Scotland  |  Wales


Love football? Why not try Bubble Football hire in a town near you! Incredible fun as you cascade in to friends in this very high impact sport - You're going to love playing it with your friends using our Outdoor Adventure... Take the excitement of football to new heights when you take to the pitch using only the wits and instinct you came with - Oh, and our Bubble Footballs'. Whether it be for a Stag or Hen Party, Birthday, Charity, Kids birthday or part of a School initiative, then we can help. Run around the field enclosed in our Bubble Footballs to give you a game of football on a whole new level. We hire our Bubble Footballs the length and breadth of the country - bubble football hire has never been so easy to organise to ensure your event, stag do or fundraising ideas takes off!. If you wish to have an occasion that is going to be the talk of town, get in touch... NOW! We offer bubble football hire and Bubble soccer events for hire in the uk - whether you live in Leeds or Leicester, Scotland or Southend, Essex or Exeter. If you're after a Zorb football event that will echo in history, look no further.


BOOK IT NOW! - Your experience will be 2nd to none as you don't merely hire Bubble Football for your Stag do or Birthday, we help make it become infamous - Go Tough, Go Bubble! Nothing at all beats the experience of Zorb Football as you bash bubbles and balls in a free-for-all soccer madness!

As featured on: The Only Way is Essex, A League of Their Own, One Show, National Lottery and many more...



The Set-up:

  • 10 Football Zorb Bubbles - 2 Teams of 5 players each
  • Additional subs per team
  • Head to head Bubble Football... Soccer meets Crazy
  • 60mins of mayhem.

Please contact us over dates and availability prior to purchase

Bubble Football FAQ's

How many people can play?

As many as you like! Don't be shy on Subs!

Where can I play Bubble Football?

We operate Nationwide!!

So I can have UNLIMITED subs??


Is there a minimum number of people?

The only minimum is the amount required to play the game but again, it's an exhausting activity!

If I select  a different location, the price changes, how come?

The website takes into account travel time, logistics, fuel, hard work and delivery of the event.

Would my Son/Daughter be able to play?

If they're greater than 1.6m, healthy and strong then absolutely - Generally we say it wouldn't be suitable for people under 10

If I was to book a venue, what would you need?

45mins Set-up time prior to the event, a little electricity and some ample space. Aside from that, a high-5 and a hug wouldn't go amiss either. If by any chance you have a specific venue in mind, please take this into account as the bubbles don't come ready inflated...

We could also do with a coffee, an indication of who you intend to bully and a few chest bumps throughout

We can hire Bubble Football anywhere in the country?

Yes! Although it's not merely hire... you're taking an experience

When we hire Bubble Football or Zorb Soccer, do you just drop them off?

No, you're purchasing an experience... Your event is designed to be amazing. Our experiences are here to create the highest rate of high-5's, smiles, laughter and praise. This is something to be remembered, talked about and lamented in song!! We're here to make sure you look awesome and bring the house down amongst your peers.


Once Purchased:

  • Download Disclaimer PDF - Print and distribute to players
  • Bring completed disclaimer (1 per player) to venue

Please Note:

*Players under 18 will need Parents/Guardians Permission

**Hire of Bubble Football is subject to availibility

***Bubble Football or Zorb Soccer is not a pedestrian sport... it's as extreme as it is extremly fun

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