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Available at the following locations:

Newcastle  |  Leeds  |  Liverpool  |  Manchester  |  Newquay | Edinburgh  |  Cardiff  |  Essex  |  London | Nottingham  |  Brighton  |  Bristol  |  Birmingham  |  Bournemouth |  Sheffield  |  Glasgow |  Southampton | York | Blackpool


Stretch your driving prowess as far as possible and challenge yourself with the stunning and exhilarating experience of indoor Go-Karting.

We all think we are awesome drivers yet this is the genuine test of your abilities as you career around the course with adrenaline pumping! Go-Karting is a fine addition to any weekend.

Rather than let the British climate ruin any plans, indoor go Karting is a perfect solution to bringing fun to your weekend. Whther it be a Stag/Hen Do or if you fancy taking on colleagues, peers and enemies alike.


We additionally have some awesome packages and bundles that incorporate Go-Karting and other driving experiences, so simply get in touch and let us get your ideal day on the go!

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This truly is a Nationwide experience - Additional Go-Karting Locations